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Copper Top Market was founded by two families that share a passion for quality beef, locally sourced goods, making a difference for the better, and any excuse to eat large sums of beef and call it "research".

We are a meat and farm market focused on providing local pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished flash-frozen beef. In addition, we also offer farm-fresh eggs, raw honey, and more local goods. We are pleased to provide our grass-fed beef and local goods to Erie County, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

We care about our customers and their families and are committed and passionate about offering safe, healthy, and wholesome beef and products for each of our customers.

Lone Wolfe Ranch - All White Logo

Where the Cattle Roam Free

The heart and soul of Copper Top Market is the pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished beef that is free of added hormones and antibiotics. 

Lone Wolfe Ranch, located in Erie & Huron County, Ohio, exclusively sells their pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished beef to Copper Top Market.  

Quality beef takes time to produce, therefore, in an effort to offer our customers the quality and quantity of beef they deserve, we supplement a portion of our inventory with beef products from our vetted partner, the regenerative ranchers over at Force of Nature

Our Customers Share Our Values

There are countless places to shop for groceries, buy local goods, and purchase your beef from. Options aren't limited, and we understand that. While we invite everyone (of course!) to come shop our market, what we choose to sell and offer aligns with our values and will likely be most enjoyed by a customer that also shares those same values and interests. 

Copper Top Market is for the customer that:

  • Wants to know where their beef comes from and might even want to visit the ranch (coming soon!).

  • Cares how the cattle are raised and cared for from birth through harvest. 

  • Values the welfare of animals.

  • Wants to help make a positive difference in changing the food farming and beef industry.

  • Wants to support local and Ohio-owned businesses (our partners are hand-picked).

  • Understands the value of investing more in something that is done the right (and humane) way. 

  • Simply loves cows, western things, cowboy stuff, country living, farms, beef, unique gifts, and more!

  • Wants to visit our market and store, and bring the entire family of course!

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